Monthly Archives: July 2010

A three name does not need help from a long neck

As a user of my full name, I catch a lot of flak. People make fun of me, ridicule me or sometimes even suggest that only crazy people use their complete names. But I find it useful. There are a lot of reasons I use my whole name, but I won’t even try to lie […]

A world outside Google Reader

As I’ve settled into my new job and city, I’m discovering I have a lot of free time. I spend most of it online. I bought a one-month gym membership two weeks ago. I’ve gone to the gym 4 times. It’s felt wonderful to be disconnected and accomplishing something with my spare time instead of just reading the New York Times and Google Reader for hours on end.

LeBron and Blago are your ex-girlfriends

Almost two weeks ago, I sat in front of the television and anxiously waited to hear what LeBron James’ free agency decision would be. The boy from Akron had a decision to make: Cleveland, New York, Chicago or Miami. Bill Simmons (my favorite blogger on ESPN) outlined it this way… LeBron had to choose loyalty […]

‘Little boxes on the hillside’

Eighty percent of everything I own is packed in my car. The process of moving my life to St. Louis has begun, and I’ll be putting a lot of my belongings into a storage unit in Wood River, Ill., tomorrow. For the last week, I’ve been staring at boxes and trying to figure out what […]

Making friends is hard.

Why is making friends so much more difficult as we get older? Sitcoms set up this expectation for me that once I was 21, I could go to a bar and find a group of funny, intelligent and interesting folks to have adventures with. They lied.

This city runs deeper than I’d care to admit

This week, I’ve been working at the Missouri Urban Journalism Workshop, which is for high schoolers with an interest in journalism. They get about a day of training, and then they have to start writing articles and making videos, which make up the Urban Pioneer. My job as a “student editor” involved a lot of […]

Ridiculous creation

It’s 4:30 AM, and I am laughing at something on my monitor. After four hours of frustration, I’ve finally finished a project that has had me nearly ready to put my fist through the LCD. And I’m laughing, because this is genuinely funny. It’s not life changing, it’s not earth-shattering, it’s not going to make […]

Saving the cotton candy jellybean

Ok, so you know when you have a bag of jellybeans, and you’ve already eaten all of the favorites (bubblegum, blueberry and all of the bright colors)? Suddenly, you’re at the end of the bag, and all your fingertips can find are the popcorn jellybeans with a few cotton candys. Panicked, you suddenly start swallowing […]

Thank you, Craig

A few days ago, my job search became urgent enough that I turned to Craigslist for help. I applied for all sorts of things, ranging from freelance movie reviewing to pet sitting to a very sketchy-sounding office job. Why not, right? I wasn’t looking for anything too serious, just a way to make a little […]

An old silk hat has got nothing on my wardrobe

It’s amazing what a blazer can do. For the last year, I’ve been dressing up at work because I like to dress up. I’ve not worn a full suit (though many people call it a suit), but instead opt to wear a jacket and a pair of jeans, usually. Sometimes I’ll throw in a vest, […]