Monthly Archives: July 2010

The beauty of nick names

As this is my first post, I figured the best way to kick off my presence here at #life was to start simple. Explain my name.

Which way is up?

I started my first “grown-up” job 41 days ago. I moved to a city in a state I had never lived in before in order to take this job. I was pretty much willing to move anywhere after graduation for any job, except South Dakota. I work nights. I feel like most night-work jobs are […]

On such a timeless flight

Mankind’s fascination with outer space can be likened to that of manifest destiny. To the Moon, to the Pacific, and to Jupiter, and back, at all costs. Where there’s a will, by God, there is a way! I accepted a similar mindset a few years ago. No matter what, I will not be limited by […]

The act of painting will trump whatever paint they give you

In the liner notes for Streetlight Manifesto‘s “99 Songs of the Revolution Vol. 1,” a cover album, front man Tomas Kalnoky writes that he is never satisfied with any of the work he does and he always wants to tweak it as soon as he is finished. The album includes a “cover” of a song […]

Off the deep end

We live in a society in which our lives are more or less planned out for us until the age of 22 or so: Step one: the basics. Learn to walk, talk, and be nice to people. Easy enough, once you get the hang of it. Step two: go to school every day until you’re […]

Making a move in the near future, I hope

Whenever someone approaches me on the streets of Columbia with a clipboard or a coffee can, I wish I had a button. “I vote in Illinois and I live paycheck to paycheck.” It’s not that I’m opposed to signing ballot petitions or donating money, it’s just that I can’t because of where I am in […]

Living quote to quote

Profound quotes fascinate me. I love to sift through the words to discover a quote’s meaning, and find ways to apply it to my life. I signed up for an e-mail address at 9-years-old, because I wanted to receive famous quotes in my inbox every day. I started a Notpad .txt document on my old […]