Monthly Archives: August 2010

“We talked about the songs that make you cry”

Apology: This is sappy as hell, probably. I’m not entirely sure because I’m writing the apology before I write the post. But you have been warned. Some time last week, inspired by happening across a song that always make me cry accidentally, I decided to just go ahead and listen to a bunch of songs […]

Chugging right along

The #Lifers seem to be settling down. It’s the beginning of another school year for those left in the education system, and it’s the beginning of our careers for those of us stuck in the real world for a while. It’s weird living in a world where there are fewer and fewer firsts to be had.

#Relocation #fail

Our site has moved. You may not notice it on the outside of #Life, but I had to do all kinds of Interwebz magic. It was quite a serious relocation to a new server. And while it was a relatively simple process, it took me about fifty times to do it. One time when I […]

Shampoo and Conditionals

I’ve always been a relatively frugal person. Not so much that I have a massive savings hidden away for a rainy day, but enough that I can spend money on the things that matter most to me—like going to the occasional concert festival or spending a summer studying abroad. Life’s no picnic if you’re always […]

I’m boycotting the very idea

Call me lazy, naive or whatever you want, but I’m growing tired of boycotts. I, like every other 23-year-old, am full of strong feelings (among other things), and for the past couple years generally stuck to my Wal-Mart boycott. My reasons were simple enough: Wal-Mart donates a lot of money to politicians, and when you […]

bears, beets, battlestar galactica

I was sitting on my friend’s couch talking about our daily adventures here in dear old Columbia, Mo. when somehow our conversation turned to animal attacks, which turned to bear attacks. I love camping. It’s a favorite weekend get away in my family but I’ve always been a little spooked at the thought of waking […]

Somebody waiting at home

There’s something about being young and in love.
That’s how the saying goes, right?

This post requires Sarah McLachlan

Well, friends, it appears my day has come — I got a job. I’ll be a local editor for the Brentwood/Maplewood site in St. Louis, and I start next Monday. Sound the trumpets and cue the celebration! I wish I could explain exactly how I feel, but I’m not sure I have the words […]