Monthly Archives: September 2010

I didn’t even remember to bring my towel

Since my lease ran out on Aug. 1 in Columbia, I’ve been basically homeless. I’ve had a lot of help from Jean, from friends in Columbia and from my parents as far as having somewhere to stay, but none of them have been my home. Nowhere did I have my own space. And that’s a […]

Open your eyes

If some kid ever throws down his pencil in frustration and asks me what’s the point of math, here’s what I’m going to tell him: “Sonny boy, math is society’s way of controlling you. They’ll assign everything you do in your life a number value, and add it all up. Then, every time you ask […]

If you could meet anyone …

During a recent dinner conversation with my uncle Richard, he made this profound statement: “If I could meet anyone, it would be Taylor Swift.” (Okay, I don’t remember the exact quote, but you can still understand the meaning.) He liked that she plays music, writes her own material and produces her own shows, or something […]

Are you ready for some football?

Watching the seasons change is always a beautiful thing, but do you know what season I love more than fall? Football season. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know there are certainly more dignified/worthwhile things to do with your Saturdays/Sundays/Monday nights. But let me try to convince you that football season is a good thing.

It’s hard to blog about happy things

The news is depressing. As a journalist, it’s hard for me to admit this. But it’s true. If you want to be happy today, don’t open a newspaper or browse a news site. People say it’s because good news doesn’t sell papers, but I think it’s because good news is often harder to find. And, […]