Monthly Archives: December 2010

How many sticks does it take to get the bow on your brother’s behind?

Each year, I try to convince myself that I’m going to try opening my Christmas presents the same way my brother does. The way it works in my family, we all take a turn opening presents one at a time, oldest to youngest. Though it was hard to tolerate as a small child, I do […]

Christmas Eve Eve

Christmas Eve Eve was one of my favorite holidays. I loved the last-minute shopping, baking all sorts of cookies, wrapping gifts and finding Christmas specials on TV. Throughout the years, our family Christmas evaporated.

The old muse and chain

For any who don’t know, earlier this weekend, I released a CD of poems written and read by me called “Tales from the Lake House.” They are all poems from my college days, and the free downloadable CD is available at When I was taking poetry workshop classes in college, one of my professors […]

For once, work isn’t the problem

After a few months of having highs and lows (more lows) in my life, mostly work-related, I finally had a bad week that had almost nothing to do with work. It wasn’t that bad of a week, even. On Monday, I tried to go skiing for the first time. A wonderful coworker took me up […]

I fell asleep writing this at 5 a.m.

After living in my apartment for about a month, I already found a need to take everything out of its place and find ┬ánew ones. That’s not completely fair, since my bedroom has gone untouched, but I completely rearranged (and am still in the process or rearranging, really) the living room/office spaces in the main […]