Monthly Archives: January 2011

Patton Oswald is a traitor

With all due respect to Ryan and his nerd-entity crisis, he is most certainly a nerd. I read the same article as the great questioner of the previous post and came to a different conclusion. A conclusion that I’ve already ruined for you in the headline. Let me say that I am usually a pretty […]

Nerdiness isn’t so nerdy after all

I use my bookshelf as my personal trophy box, full of items that remind me of great books I’ve read, cool Ultimate tournaments I went to in college or awesome video games that I used to play with friends. But on a second look, I begin to doubt how cool the bookcase really is. The […]

Leave my drinking habits alone

Upon arriving at my desk this morning, I found 2/3 of a swallow of Diet Mountain Dew left in a bottle on the folded sheet of paper I use as a coaster. The bottle had been left open (as I’d thrown the cap at a coworker for saying she couldn’t read the paper she was […]

Dear 2011…

Dear 2011, You are a very lucky year. For the first time in my life, I have absolutely no idea what to expect from you. In the past I had school and work filling up most of my time, with some fun, family and friends wedged into the gaps. Many people I know have full-time […]