Monthly Archives: February 2011

A poet has to eat a fruit that rhymes

I’ve always been an orange person. During college, apples only fell into two categories of my life: decoration and Hooch ingredient. But, as I begin having a “real life” and I try to start eating more fruits and (when I can stomach it) veggies, I find that sometimes you just have to eat an apple. […]

The framing of art forms

A friend asked me, if I could only pick one, what I considered “my art.” She asked if it was poetry. I said yes, dutifully. I am, after all, a writer of poetry who would like to have either an audience or a paycheck from those literary ramblings some day — and poetry is “art.” […]

The painful practice of counting pages

So much of my my life is about making things fit. As a page designer, I must take pictures and words and display type and get everything in it’s place so that is equal parts pretty and readable. And my job, though it certainly does require a level of creativity, is not strictly creative. Instead, […]

Self-pity breeds creativity and I want more

When people ask me what I do for a living, I often consider lying. I’m a TV show producer. Barista. Novelist. Journalist doesn’t sound as interesting. It’s not that I don’t love my career—I really, really do—but I can also recognize where it fails me. I was creative once; able to string together short stories, […]

Winter gets you down

I’m sure the rest of the #Lifers will scowl at me for complaining about the Florida winter, but in a lot of ways, it sucks here just as much as it does everywhere else. Certainly, I don’t have to deal with inches of ice and feet of snow, but winter seems to have an effect […]