Monthly Archives: March 2011

What’s My Age Again?

Just a few #posts ago, I had just graduated and moved two hours away from my university town for an almost-full-time job. I was commuting to an office every day, I had a gym membership, I adopted a dog. I was feeling very much like a grown-up, and I think I talked about using my […]

The difference a year can make

One year ago today was the worst day of my life. St. Patrick’s Day has always been a great day for me. The “P” in JPS stands for Patrick, and I’m named after the Holiday more than the Saint — though I’ve always been a pretty big fan of the Saint, too. I’m wearing the […]

I’m taking this Lent off

I have been struggling with my faith for the last year. I am a Roman Catholic and have been since birth. I never really stopped being a Catholic, though I have stopped practicing almost completely. When I was 19 or 20, I did go through a very serious exploration of my religion and spirituality in […]