Monthly Archives: May 2011

Just how much do I trust my phone?

When my alarm went off Friday morning, I made the mistake of believing that my phone wouldn’t lie to me. I turned the alarm off, scrolled through the emails on the different phone. (Yes, I have two phones, one Android Incredible and one BlackBerry. Guess which one is my work phone.) I rolled back over […]

Loss doesn’t become less painful

Twenty-four days have passed since I had my last conversation with my grandmother. Like so many final conversations in the world, this one took place in a hospital room. The image will never escape me. An oxygen mask swallowing most of her face. Machines on wheels towering over her bed. Her matted hair carefully brushed […]

I am a ghost

A letter came in the mail a few weeks ago informing me that since the bank was unable to find a record of my having borrowed money ever, I was not eligible for a credit card. They said I was a ghost. I count myself incredibly lucky that I’ve never had to take any serious […]

All we can do is try…

Time to dig up some things buried.  Relationships with friends, relationships with significant others; things can sometimes get messy.  I’ve had a few things come to mind in recent weeks in this area.  Besides those of us who are lucky or who simply do things right (more often than not), we’ve all lost a relationship […]