Monthly Archives: September 2011

“To do my duty”

As I walked out of the grocery store, I was approached by a young man in a Boy Scout Uniform. He had a Tenderfoot rank patch and was probably in his first year of scouting. “Would you be interested in supporting the Boy Scouts?” he asked. I said I would and let him make his […]

My own version of The Blindside, yet without countenant skill

A new chapter has begun yet again.  I am the perpetual nomad.  From northern California to northern West Virginia, here I am at West Virginia University in Morgantown.  I’ve begun graduate school (in pursuit of that Master’s degree in Wildlife biology) and have been here since mid-August now.  The transition from a year out-of-school to […]

I went to the woods for my sanity, but I came back for the air conditioning

Two weeks ago, I tried to go camping. I’ve been having an itch for the outdoors lately. I’m used to summer being an awesome time to get outside and get on the water — but it’s not so easy in Florida. It’s too damn hot in the summer to do anything in the direct sunlight […]

LINK: Uttered prayers for our uniformed youth These are a few stories of soldiers and sailors who have served since 9/11. The stories are honest and touching, and they highlight people who have contributed more than their fair share. Ryan talked about how news organizations are treating this anniversary, and I’ve been living through those complex decisions. I work for The […]

9/11 changed my life and the world

We’re less than a week away from the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. I expect to see special TV programming, and special issues of magazines and sections in newspapers. The media may choose to dwell on compelling images from 2001, or outlets may seek new and […]

LINK: Have a mouse problem? And beer?

A mouse is living in my home. He (or she?) is a smaller mouse that rarely shows his face, but when he does, it’s certainly an event for everyone involved. Gwendolyn doesn’t like mousetraps. Why kill a living creature that’s simply trying to make the best of its life? She bought one of those $20 […]

On grad school and a new journey

During the months leading up to my graduation from the Missouri School of Journalism in May 2010, one of my professors used a class period to remind us aspiring journalists that the industry wasn’t looking for just journalists. Sure, we could find a job as a reporter at a small-town daily newspaper or latch onto […]