Monthly Archives: March 2012

I can’t sleep before an early flight

The airplane safety lecture drones through the warming engines at the gate. Flight attendants look as tired as I wish I felt while they demonstrate proper seat buckling and flotation device finding techniques, the latter of which will serve us well flying over Alabama, Tennessee, and Illinois. I wonder how many of these people will […]

The stories I tell to strangers

As I set out to romp the streets of Gainesville on St. Patrick’s Day, I replaced my usual red pen with a black sharpie. The idea was to put one ring around my arm for every green beer I drank. I stole the idea from my friend Campbell, who used a similar method to keep […]


The start of #Life was a strange time for us. We were all finishing college and most of us were unemployed or going into temporary employment arrangements. We were scared, confused, and broke. And we started a blog. Our lives have changed since then. Jobs dominate the time that doubt once reigned. Sleep patterns have […]