An old silk hat has got nothing on my wardrobe

Posted by on July 12, 2010 at 4:23 pm.

It’s amazing what a blazer can do.

JPS for New Year's Eve

JPS for New Year's Eve

For the last year, I’ve been dressing up at work because I like to dress up. I’ve not worn a full suit (though many people call it a suit), but instead opt to wear a jacket and a pair of jeans, usually. Sometimes I’ll throw in a vest, just to keep you guessing. I dress this way, at least in part, because I’m comfortable in semi-formal attire.

For the last year, I’ve gotten more compliments about my clothing than I’ve had in the rest of my 22 years combined. I believe there is a causation. And more than just compliments, people think I’m older and (for reasons unbeknownst to me) that I know more about things than they do.

But I’m beginning to think I perform better when I’m dressed up.

I don’t believe any of my clothing has magical powers, but it does affect me. I’m sure there’s some scientific explanation about people thinking I’m better than I am and so then they treat me like I’m better than I am and then I think I’m better than I am (not in a snobby way, though, I hope) and then I perform better then I am, which leads back to people believing I’m better than I am.

So I guess my clothing does have magical powers.


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