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Born and raised in Silvis, Ill., in the Quad-Cities area, James Patrick Schmidt is a man of many names. JPS, James of Silvis, Big Papa, C-3JPS and, on occasion, Pugsly.

He has a degree in journalism, a girlfriend of eight years, a passion for poetry, and a (questionably successful) quest to be a Renaissance Man. He resides in Gainesville, Fla., where he works at The New York Times Editing Center.

JPS attended Catholic schools and is an Eagle Scout from Boy Scout Troop 383. He has experience copy editing, designing and reporting across four different newsrooms and his favorite color is blue.

Love Tomes on Car Napkins, the blog post

My companions were not dressed to crash the wedding, so I was on my own. It was the same night as the release event for my book, Love Poems on Bar Napkins, and I was sitting outside of a burger joint downtown with Matt and the intern, discussing our next move, completely sober. The bride […]

The poems we leave behind us

For the last month, I’ve spent more time staring at stacks of my poems than I have sleeping. I was finishing a book and all I could think about. Sometimes I even felt incapable of talking about anything else to my friends and family. Finally, on Saturday, I released the book, Love Poems on Bar […]

Turtles make a great foundation

There are awkward conversations in every one of us. Sometimes we try to avoid them, other times we never see them coming. But when they are finished, we almost always feel better. I’ve been having a lot of these conversations lately, and I’ve come to realize that they are one of the key foundations we […]

Powers of the mind

While taking the trash out last week, I found myself staring at the not-quite-full-anymore moon and wishing I was doing something more productive than spring cleaning. “If only I had the energy of a full moon, I could do something important, something creative, something different.” Of course, the moon has nothing to do with the […]

The worst kinds of pranks

I have never been very good at April Fools’ day. The problem with having one day designated for pranks is that we’re all paranoid in expectation of them and when they do happen, they don’t always have the desired effect. Physical pranks especially seem to fall flat. Fake stories can be done very well, but […]

I can’t sleep before an early flight

The airplane safety lecture drones through the warming engines at the gate. Flight attendants look as tired as I wish I felt while they demonstrate proper seat buckling and flotation device finding techniques, the latter of which will serve us well flying over Alabama, Tennessee, and Illinois. I wonder how many of these people will […]

The stories I tell to strangers

As I set out to romp the streets of Gainesville on St. Patrick’s Day, I replaced my usual red pen with a black sharpie. The idea was to put one ring around my arm for every green beer I drank. I stole the idea from my friend Campbell, who used a similar method to keep […]


The start of #Life was a strange time for us. We were all finishing college and most of us were unemployed or going into temporary employment arrangements. We were scared, confused, and broke. And we started a blog. Our lives have changed since then. Jobs dominate the time that doubt once reigned. Sleep patterns have […]

“To do my duty”

As I walked out of the grocery store, I was approached by a young man in a Boy Scout Uniform. He had a Tenderfoot rank patch and was probably in his first year of scouting. “Would you be interested in supporting the Boy Scouts?” he asked. I said I would and let him make his […]

I went to the woods for my sanity, but I came back for the air conditioning

Two weeks ago, I tried to go camping. I’ve been having an itch for the outdoors lately. I’m used to summer being an awesome time to get outside and get on the water — but it’s not so easy in Florida. It’s too damn hot in the summer to do anything in the direct sunlight […]