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I’m not much of a memoir fan. I actually went through a phase when that was all I read, but after a while I got burnt out—the genre revealed itself to me as self-serving, onerous and whiny. Why waste my time reading about the woes of someone I will never know? (The irony of saying […]

What’s My Age Again?

Just a few #posts ago, I had just graduated and moved two hours away from my university town for an almost-full-time job. I was commuting to an office every day, I had a gym membership, I adopted a dog. I was feeling very much like a grown-up, and I think I talked about using my […]

Dear 2011…

Dear 2011, You are a very lucky year. For the first time in my life, I have absolutely no idea what to expect from you. In the past I had school and work filling up most of my time, with some fun, family and friends wedged into the gaps. Many people I know have full-time […]

Freelance Validation

The whole time I was in college studying journalism, there was a part of me wondering if I was really doing the right thing. I was working my butt off every day, but still barely scraping by financially. Everywhere I turned, people spoke of a dying industry, and even the fiercely optimistic ones didn’t seem […]

Open your eyes

If some kid ever throws down his pencil in frustration and asks me what’s the point of math, here’s what I’m going to tell him: “Sonny boy, math is society’s way of controlling you. They’ll assign everything you do in your life a number value, and add it all up. Then, every time you ask […]

Shampoo and Conditionals

I’ve always been a relatively frugal person. Not so much that I have a massive savings hidden away for a rainy day, but enough that I can spend money on the things that matter most to me—like going to the occasional concert festival or spending a summer studying abroad. Life’s no picnic if you’re always […]

Thank you, Craig

A few days ago, my job search became urgent enough that I turned to Craigslist for help. I applied for all sorts of things, ranging from freelance movie reviewing to pet sitting to a very sketchy-sounding office job. Why not, right? I wasn’t looking for anything too serious, just a way to make a little […]

Off the deep end

We live in a society in which our lives are more or less planned out for us until the age of 22 or so: Step one: the basics. Learn to walk, talk, and be nice to people. Easy enough, once you get the hang of it. Step two: go to school every day until you’re […]