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Just how much do I trust my phone?

When my alarm went off Friday morning, I made the mistake of believing that my phone wouldn’t lie to me. I turned the alarm off, scrolled through the emails on the different phone. (Yes, I have two phones, one Android Incredible and one BlackBerry. Guess which one is my work phone.) I rolled back over […]

It comes down to a moment

I don’t remember picking where I was going to college. I remember applying; I remember touring campuses; I remember making pro vs. con lists. I remember the trivial stuff that went on the lists (Which campus had better dorm food?). I know I made the decision, no one else. I’d like to remember coming down […]

Christmas Eve Eve

Christmas Eve Eve was one of my favorite holidays. I loved the last-minute shopping, baking all sorts of cookies, wrapping gifts and finding Christmas specials on TV. Throughout the years, our family Christmas evaporated.

For once, work isn’t the problem

After a few months of having highs and lows (more lows) in my life, mostly work-related, I finally had a bad week that had almost nothing to do with work. It wasn’t that bad of a week, even. On Monday, I tried to go skiing for the first time. A wonderful coworker took me up […]

A newsroom feast

Most people want to be with their families on Thanksgiving. My parents came out last week and we had a number of nice meals, even one that I cooked up with mashed potatoes, broccoli, fruit salad and apple pie. That felt nice, but the newsroom feast takes the cake… or the pie, in this case. […]

Election fever

The thing about elections for me, or for people our age, really, is that they never have gone as planned. They’re always exciting and terrifying. The first election we were old enough to understand and remember resulted in a Supreme Court decision. That kindof warps your perception of the election process.

There’s no hiding on the Internet

There’s been some talk in the news lately (read: the past few years) about cyberbullying. We are of a generation that, for the most part, escaped our most tender years before cyberbullying became mainsteam. Thank goodness.

Are you ready for some football?

Watching the seasons change is always a beautiful thing, but do you know what season I love more than fall? Football season. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know there are certainly more dignified/worthwhile things to do with your Saturdays/Sundays/Monday nights. But let me try to convince you that football season is a good thing.

Chugging right along

The #Lifers seem to be settling down. It’s the beginning of another school year for those left in the education system, and it’s the beginning of our careers for those of us stuck in the real world for a while. It’s weird living in a world where there are fewer and fewer firsts to be had.

Somebody waiting at home

There’s something about being young and in love.
That’s how the saying goes, right?