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I’m boycotting the very idea

Call me lazy, naive or whatever you want, but I’m growing tired of boycotts. I, like every other 23-year-old, am full of strong feelings (among other things), and for the past couple years generally stuck to my Wal-Mart boycott. My reasons were simple enough: Wal-Mart donates a lot of money to politicians, and when you […]

This post requires Sarah McLachlan

Well, friends, it appears my day has come — I got a job. I’ll be a local editor for the Brentwood/Maplewood site in St. Louis, and I start next Monday. Sound the trumpets and cue the celebration! I wish I could explain exactly how I feel, but I’m not sure I have the words […]

LeBron and Blago are your ex-girlfriends

Almost two weeks ago, I sat in front of the television and anxiously waited to hear what LeBron James’ free agency decision would be. The boy from Akron had a decision to make: Cleveland, New York, Chicago or Miami. Bill Simmons (my favorite blogger on ESPN) outlined it this way… LeBron had to choose loyalty […]

Saving the cotton candy jellybean

Ok, so you know when you have a bag of jellybeans, and you’ve already eaten all of the favorites (bubblegum, blueberry and all of the bright colors)? Suddenly, you’re at the end of the bag, and all your fingertips can find are the popcorn jellybeans with a few cotton candys. Panicked, you suddenly start swallowing […]

On such a timeless flight

Mankind’s fascination with outer space can be likened to that of manifest destiny. To the Moon, to the Pacific, and to Jupiter, and back, at all costs. Where there’s a will, by God, there is a way! I accepted a similar mindset a few years ago. No matter what, I will not be limited by […]

Living quote to quote

Profound quotes fascinate me. I love to sift through the words to discover a quote’s meaning, and find ways to apply it to my life. I signed up for an e-mail address at 9-years-old, because I wanted to receive famous quotes in my inbox every day. I started a Notpad .txt document on my old […]