Chugging right along

Posted by on August 30, 2010 at 12:35 am.

The #Lifers seem to be settling down. It’s the beginning of another school year for those left in the education system, and it’s the beginning of our careers for those of us stuck in the real world for a while.

Do you remember you first day of kindergarten? First day of high school? First day of college?

Then what? Will we remember the first day of each job we have, or will those melt together?

I don’t remember the first day of my internship. I don’t remember my first day at this job, and I’ve only been at it for less than 3 months.

It’s weird living in a world where there are fewer and fewer firsts to be had. Our generation won’t be the first to put someone on the moon. We won’t be the first to claim new land. We won’t be the first to discover electricity. We’ll be the first to die at an age younger than our parents, but we can only blame that on the obesity epidemic, not our innovation.

On a personal level, it’s weird to think of the few firsts that are left: First home,  first child, first husband or wife, first layoff/bout with unemployment, first mid-life crisis… I’m stretching here.

There aren’t many big milestones left.

If we choose to go further into academia, I suppose there’s your first thesis, your first published work, your first day of teaching, etc. But that’s not a road most of us will choose.

So time will chug along, and we’ll be forced to reminisce about the firsts we once had and the many-mores we’ve had after it.

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