For once, work isn’t the problem

Posted by on December 10, 2010 at 3:37 am.

After a few months of having highs and lows (more lows) in my life, mostly work-related, I finally had a bad week that had almost nothing to do with work.

It wasn’t that bad of a week, even.

On Monday, I tried to go skiing for the first time. A wonderful coworker took me up on the mountain and showed me how to ski, and stop skiing, and she helped me up every time I fell. I did learn, however, that I am absolutely terrified of skiing, which is a bummer for now, since I invested close to $1000 when all is said and done in my ski pass, gear rental, helmet, etc. Maybe I’ll learn to love it.

On Tuesday, I discovered a bruise larger than a softball on my thigh. I blame one of those times falling with my skis on. Also, every muscle in my body ached, and I had more bruises than I can count on my legs and arms. Running into that tree while skiing probably didn’t help.

On Wednesday, after work, I got pulled over for the first time in my life. I failed to come to a complete stop when turning right at a stop sign. $120. Ouch, especially since my bank account has $104 in it until my next paycheck (which should be today/tomorrow).

On Thursday, I didn’t get anything done. I went to work, and that was it. I returned an overdue book to the library (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) because it wouldn’t let me renew it online (because it was overdue). I mostly spent the day wallowing in the fact that I’m lazy and no longer have a perfect driving record.

The whole week/month, I’ve also been struggling with boy troubles. I’ll spare you those details, but rest assured all is well in Long-Distance Relationship Land.

Anyway, the point of this post is that, like the recent trend says, “Things get better.” My job was my least-favorite part of my life for most of the past few (6) months, but I seem to have settled into a routine that’s manageable.

Now, I think my least-favorite part of my life is finances, and that seems just as normal as hating my job did.

Here’s to being normal.

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