It comes down to a moment

Posted by on April 27, 2011 at 9:12 pm.

I don’t remember picking where I was going to college. I remember applying; I remember touring campuses; I remember making pro vs. con lists. I remember the trivial stuff that went on the lists (Which campus had better dorm food?).

I know I made the decision, no one else. I’d like to remember coming down the stairs and into the kitchen and telling my parents that I knew where I was going to be next fall. But I don’t remember the moment I made that decision.

I remember rejecting my first post-college job offer. I remember accepting the next job offer. And 8 months later, I remember accepting a new job. (Yes, #Lifers, I’ve moved since we last saw each other. Sorry for the overdue update.) I don’t remember the moment when I made all those decisions, but I remember the act of making that decision final.

Why am I reminiscing about decision-making, you ask?

Well, my significant other is going to make a decision in the next few days about where he goes next. Grad school with a full scholarship or a fantastic job. I know the phrase “great opportunity” is overused, but these are both great opportunities for him. He’s very undecided at the moment. I wonder if he’ll remember the moment when he decides where to go next, or whether he’ll just remember submitting that accept or reject notice to the grad school. I wonder if I’ll remember the moment he tells me.

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