Making a move in the near future, I hope

Posted by on July 2, 2010 at 4:08 pm.

Whenever someone approaches me on the streets of Columbia with a clipboard or a coffee can, I wish I had a button.

“I vote in Illinois and I live paycheck to paycheck.”

It’s not that I’m opposed to signing ballot petitions or donating money, it’s just that I can’t because of where I am in my life. And even then, I don’t mind the conversations with these workers because the army of professional petition circulators is a fascinating phenomena.

And the place in my life where I am is changing constantly. I’m looking for part-time menial job work and a real job as well as balancing with family obligations, work, my friends still in Columbia and a long-distance relationship.

Four of those six balances are in a different city than me. Only work and friends in Columbia are in Columbia. My family has been dragging me to Chicago with medical emergencies pretty often. And I’m trying to move to the St. Louis area, where my girlfriend of eight years just started graduate school (at the same institution she attended for her undergrad, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville).

Which means that both of my job searches are taking place in St. Louis, because I want to live there pretty permanently when my lease is up in a month and a half, bumming couches for my last days of work in Columbia through the middle of August.

It’s weird to think that I’m actually looking for a part-time minimum wage job to commute to. Oh, and at the same time I’m looking for a real job in the journalism field to start, because that might pay better and I’d like to use my degree at some point.

It’s strange, difficult, and most of all, transitional. That’s exactly how I feel right now — transitional.

Welcome to my #Life.

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