Nerdy as hell from Oregon to Florida

Posted by on November 25, 2010 at 10:00 am.

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that I’m pretty nerdy. Sometimes I do forget, though, how awesome it is to be nerdy around other nerdy people.

One of my favorite counterparts in this regard is a friend from college who now lives and works in Oregon. This is an excerpt from a conversation we had earlier this week, which is used with permission.

Author’s note: My new phone is a Droid R2D2. It’s pretty awesome. (I promise it’s relevant)

me: In sad news, my macbook pro makes awful noises whenever it’s on.
Elliot: Oh no! Poor Threepio.
me: I’m glad you remembered that my computer’s name is C-3PO.
That’s a real sign of friendship.
And probably nerdiness.
Elliot: To be honest, I couldn’t remember which was which, but I assumed R2-D2 would be the much smaller ipod.
And now I guess  it’s the phone. How’s that working out, by the way?
me: True. Although my ipod has been renamed several times. I actually have 2 R2-D2s now. Cause my phone is that (duh) and my navigation gps thing (duh).
And the phone is AWESOME. Just cause it’s, you know, able to do everything.
Elliot: When I got  my new phone the other week, I spent a lot more time customizing it and stuff.
As a result, my ringtone is now the music from the beginning of Battlestar Galactica.
Not the theme song, but the prologue about how the cylons have a plan.
me: Good times. I’ve been doing some customizing. But it came with R2-D2 noise ringtones. So I can’t NOT use them.
Elliot: Of course.

Elliot and I are literally located at opposite ends of the country, but it’s awesome how we can talk three or four days a week without having to really dedicate any time to each other.

Computers are great like that, and they make it so easy to stay in touch with a lot of people without a lot of effort. For the first few months out of school, I knew about these possibilities but didn’t really utilize them.

At first, I guess it just felt like summer break. What’s a few months away from all my friends? That’s just normal, right? We always went our separate ways and then reconvened at the appropriate times. But this time was different.

And now, after I finally start to realize that I’m not just going to see everybody next month, I’ve been spending a lot less time playing Oregon Trail and a lot more time sending information there instead.

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