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Posted by on June 5, 2011 at 5:42 pm.

St. Maximilian Kolbe once said to “preserve order, and order will preserve you.”  I just need to figure out how to do that!

I’m always seem to be on the hunt these days.  When I’m at work, I’m figuratively on the hunt for birds, especially those fantastic owls.  At home, I’m on the hunt for entertainment; I read occasionally, play some Xbox, waste time with archived Seinfeld episodes, watch all of my movies too many times over, and sometimes I just stare until I think of something to do (something cheap is the key).  Socially, I’m on the hunt for some meaningful companionship–pinpointing that match I’ve been waiting for.  Intellectually, I’m on the hunt for challenging debate–reading up on tenets of my faith, establishing my stances on social issues, and trying to understand those who will be guaranteed to disagree with me.  Psychologically, I’m on the hunt for virtues that I’ve always needed (e.g. patience, selflessness, self-sacrificing love, etc).  Most of all, I’m desperately scavenging for the concept of discipline in my life.

That’s the most challenging one for me, securing a sense of discipline.  I read things that interest me from cover to cover in no time, but if something in a story gets too boring or dry, I shelve it immediately.  “Just finish the damn thing,” I say.  Instead, I always find an excuse to not do so.  Keeping a good schedule during the day is another problem.  Some days breakfast is there, ready to be consumed.  Other days, it just doesn’t happen.  The “most important meal of the day” just gets rare attention from me.  Waking up at a certain time and going to bed at another time also becomes an illusion.  Going to church on Sunday is never a problem, I’m always there eager and willing to worship.  I feel that I get to go to church, not like I have to go.  That’s a good thing; there’s some discipline there.  My prayer life is where the lack of discipline rears it ugly head again.  I need to work on that too.

Without real, regular discipline, I don’t know how I make it from day to day sometimes.  A few experiences at work over the past few weeks have been a result of this issue as well.  Our work trucks at Green Diamond take daily beatings.  Travel between work sites are typically on rough gravel roads and (occasionally) off-road.  This can lead to functional issues, naturally.  Of course, though, I’m the driver whose had to deal with the majority of them over the past few weeks.  It has made me look like an operational maniac, when I honestly (and full well) have operated the vehicles like anyone else does–often “babying” the trucks more than not.  Last week, I took my most recent work truck in to get new tires at a local shop. 

Within minutes, the mechanic leads me over to the front right tire well to point out that the frame rail is completely fractured.  That’s a steel support rail, by the way.  So… no new tires; instead, a call to the boss for a solution.  Back at the office, I’m given my old work truck from a month ago (I was “upgraded” to the most recent truck from this one because a coworker had resigned; I got his truck).  This older truck is perhaps the most tender one in the fleet.  “Swell,” I say.  Knowing of the current issues with that truck, I continue to drive it the next few days without the frequent inspection it seems to require.  Then, on Friday, it dies while I’m driving it on the highway…  The serpentine belt is off the main drive and steam is pouring out of the oil well–the well was dry.  Either a slow leak was flowing without my notice, or the oil pump was disfunctional and just trapped the bulk of the oil that was left.  Again, I sit stranded with a broken work truck (fortunate that I was on the highway and not miles on-property, I guess).

Embarassed again, I call the office.  Tow truck and supervisor in route by an hour, and I was rescued.  Everyone seems to have a great sense of humor about the whole issue (i.e. the fact that I’ve single-handedly taken out two department trucks).  For once in my life, I don’t find much humor in something like this.  I feel embarassed, just terrible about it all.  We’re already strapped as it is for using adequate vehicles, so my recent escapades certainly can’t help.  Despite the reality that, more than likely, the issues with these two trucks have just been waiting to happen, I still feel responsible for their collective demise.  Perhaps with a little more discipline, I could have identified these problems long before they became an issue.  On the other hand, maybe I really don’t have much luck with anything.  I certainly don’t have any Irish in me. 

So now I have developed quite the record of transport-issues at Green Diamond.  Both of my trucks just decide to break.  One night, my quad crapped out; I could barely get it back to the truck (a few miles down a muddy drainage).  I got smacked in the face (under the helmet) with a stick while driving it another time, and then I’ve managed to get both trucks stuck somewhere (once per truck, respectively).  Is this all from a lack of discipline, pure stupidity, or just bad luck?

I have no idea, but I’ll blame it on adiscipline–that lack of order in my life.  I think that I am going to start on the hunt for some better luck too–cover all of my bases.  With all of the precipitation lately, dozens of rainbows seem to show up out here; maybe I’ll start at the end of one of them.  There’s a bit of humor still left, I guess.

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  • joe says:

    You sound like you’re being a little hard on yourself. I doubt in your job description it also says diagnostic mechanic. These are fleet vehicles that should be maintained by a fleet mechanic, not by the individuals driving them.
    With that disclaimer, the more you’re out, the more likely you are to get stuck, so is two times in a summer sub-par? I think it’s not that bad. As far as the frame being fractured, I’m 99% sure that is something you would have felt if you did it. I felt it when I broke my suspension, my friend felt it when his frame cracked above his rear axle, anything like that you could feel, so it’s likely something that you didn’t do.

    It’s good you see the importance in discipline, but you also have to know where the line is between what is your responsibility and what isn’t. Good luck with the rest of the summer rocking it, your discipline in the Word will lead you to being proper in everything else.


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