#Relocation #fail

Posted by on August 23, 2010 at 10:47 pm.

Our site has moved. You may not notice it on the outside of #Life, but I had to do all kinds of Interwebz magic. It was quite a serious relocation to a new server.

And while it was a relatively simple process, it took me about fifty times to do it. One time when I reloaded the site, I forgot to attach one part. Then I used the wrong password for an upload. Then I put the files in the wrong place. The list went on and on. Not fifty times, but I think I can count 15 distinct efforts to relocate the site before it finally is located on its new servers and actually looks as purdy as it should (thanks Gwen).

So I was dealing with a lot of #relocation #fail this week.

Sunday was supposed to be my last day in Columbia. I have some freelance work lined up and some other stuff going on in the St. Louis area and am looking for a place to live. The last three weeks have been spent living in friends rooms and on their couches, and it was finally supposed to end.

But…#relocation #fail.

They asked me to stay for a few more weeks at the Missourian because they need to find somebody to fill my role. And my work is flexible enough to hold off for that week. And I’m glad, because it’s doing a favor for the editors here, who have taught me a lot about the career I’m starting and have become friends in a lot of cases. But it’s still just a delay of escape for a little bit longer.

The line has been drawn, though. Two weeks and I’m out.


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