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“The slightest trace of what you once believed”

Two weeks from today will be my last day at work, and then I’m unemployed. I’ll be packing up my life to chase a dream, once again, to a new place. Some things never change. I could have written that paragraph 3 or 4 times before #Life went on hiatus (Like this). I’m still the […]

The stories I tell to strangers

As I set out to romp the streets of Gainesville on St. Patrick’s Day, I replaced my usual red pen with a black sharpie. The idea was to put one ring around my arm for every green beer I drank. I stole the idea from my friend Campbell, who used a similar method to keep […]

Leave my drinking habits alone

Upon arriving at my desk this morning, I found 2/3 of a swallow of Diet Mountain Dew left in a bottle on the folded sheet of paper I use as a coaster. The bottle had been left open (as I’d thrown the cap at a coworker for saying she couldn’t read the paper she was […]

Wherein the author moves to Florida

GAINESVILLE — After months of living in various states of homelessness and mooching, I finally have my own apartment again. Yet I still find myself sleeping on the couch. It’s not so bad, since the reason is that I still haven’t found my sheets. Not to mention, I own a pretty comfy couch (though it’s […]

Welcome to #Life

Everyone has a story, and each story is just as and more interesting than the last. What sets stories apart is the people who drive them, the people who live them. Interesting is everywhere, and this is a venture to find it. #Life is a story blog about a cast of characters trying to figure […]