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Joining Into My New Community

In every new place I’ve lived, I’ve found communities to join with people that became my friends, many of whom helped define the part of my life I shared with them. It started as a child in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. In college, it was the other journalists at The Maneater, our student newspaper. […]

“To do my duty”

As I walked out of the grocery store, I was approached by a young man in a Boy Scout Uniform. He had a Tenderfoot rank patch and was probably in his first year of scouting. “Would you be interested in supporting the Boy Scouts?” he asked. I said I would and let him make his […]

A three name does not need help from a long neck

As a user of my full name, I catch a lot of flak. People make fun of me, ridicule me or sometimes even suggest that only crazy people use their complete names. But I find it useful. There are a lot of reasons I use my whole name, but I won’t even try to lie […]