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“The slightest trace of what you once believed”

Two weeks from today will be my last day at work, and then I’m unemployed. I’ll be packing up my life to chase a dream, once again, to a new place. Some things never change. I could have written that paragraph 3 or 4 times before #Life went on hiatus (Like this). I’m still the […]

“To do my duty”

As I walked out of the grocery store, I was approached by a young man in a Boy Scout Uniform. He had a Tenderfoot rank patch and was probably in his first year of scouting. “Would you be interested in supporting the Boy Scouts?” he asked. I said I would and let him make his […]

The Maiden Voyage

Greetings brothers, sisters, strangers, friends, and fellow beings. My name is Andrew. I am new to #Life, and I am eager to begin my maiden voyage into the realm of the blogosphere. Please, folks, no icebergs. I start my life from the humblest of beginnings, in rural Illinois, built on the heritage of a small […]

The difference a year can make

One year ago today was the worst day of my life. St. Patrick’s Day has always been a great day for me. The “P” in JPS stands for Patrick, and I’m named after the Holiday more than the Saint — though I’ve always been a pretty big fan of the Saint, too. I’m wearing the […]

I’m taking this Lent off

I have been struggling with my faith for the last year. I am a Roman Catholic and have been since birth. I never really stopped being a Catholic, though I have stopped practicing almost completely. When I was 19 or 20, I did go through a very serious exploration of my religion and spirituality in […]

A poet has to eat a fruit that rhymes

I’ve always been an orange person. During college, apples only fell into two categories of my life: decoration and Hooch ingredient. But, as I begin having a “real life” and I try to start eating more fruits and (when I can stomach it) veggies, I find that sometimes you just have to eat an apple. […]

Leave my drinking habits alone

Upon arriving at my desk this morning, I found 2/3 of a swallow of Diet Mountain Dew left in a bottle on the folded sheet of paper I use as a coaster. The bottle had been left open (as I’d thrown the cap at a coworker for saying she couldn’t read the paper she was […]

How many sticks does it take to get the bow on your brother’s behind?

Each year, I try to convince myself that I’m going to try opening my Christmas presents the same way my brother does. The way it works in my family, we all take a turn opening presents one at a time, oldest to youngest. Though it was hard to tolerate as a small child, I do […]

A newsroom feast

Most people want to be with their families on Thanksgiving. My parents came out last week and we had a number of nice meals, even one that I cooked up with mashed potatoes, broccoli, fruit salad and apple pie. That felt nice, but the newsroom feast takes the cake… or the pie, in this case. […]

Giving thanks for work

Rogue 3, one of my friends from the Quad-Cities, sent me a text yesterday asking when I’d be home for Thanksgiving, and so I told him that I wouldn’t be because I had to work. And it doesn’t really bother me. I’m the low guy on the ladder and I wasn’t even employed at the […]