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The last I saw of Gainesville

Goodbyes are peculiar. They can be casual or serious, temporary or permanent. They can be filled with emotion. They can be over-thought. I have a friend who likes to scream “Goodbye forever!” whenever she leaves the presence of anyone. Just in case. You could die, she could die, or maybe the continent is going to […]

Freedom and fear as synonyms

Today, I woke up unemployed. With no job waiting for me, I am in the final stages of packing everything I own and moving halfway across the country. Again. This time, instead of moving for a job, I am moving because it’s what I want to do. What I need to do. Even though I […]

Love Tomes on Car Napkins, the blog post

My companions were not dressed to crash the wedding, so I was on my own. It was the same night as the release event for my book, Love Poems on Bar Napkins, and I was sitting outside of a burger joint downtown with Matt and the intern, discussing our next move, completely sober. The bride […]

A poet has to eat a fruit that rhymes

I’ve always been an orange person. During college, apples only fell into two categories of my life: decoration and Hooch ingredient. But, as I begin having a “real life” and I try to start eating more fruits and (when I can stomach it) veggies, I find that sometimes you just have to eat an apple. […]