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The poems we leave behind us

For the last month, I’ve spent more time staring at stacks of my poems than I have sleeping. I was finishing a book and all I could think about. Sometimes I even felt incapable of talking about anything else to my friends and family. Finally, on Saturday, I released the book, Love Poems on Bar […]

The worst kinds of pranks

I have never been very good at April Fools’ day. The problem with having one day designated for pranks is that we’re all paranoid in expectation of them and when they do happen, they don’t always have the desired effect. Physical pranks especially seem to fall flat. Fake stories can be done very well, but […]

I am a ghost

A letter came in the mail a few weeks ago informing me that since the bank was unable to find a record of my having borrowed money ever, I was not eligible for a credit card. They said I was a ghost. I count myself incredibly lucky that I’ve never had to take any serious […]

If only I were Stretch Armstrong

Last week, I was attending a poetry reading event and one of the pieces by another local poet resonated with my emotions and is still haunting me. He used an image that is all-too-familiar to how I feel, especially in the six months since I’ve moved to Florida. When he introduced the poem, he said […]

There’s no hiding on the Internet

There’s been some talk in the news lately (read: the past few years) about cyberbullying. We are of a generation that, for the most part, escaped our most tender years before cyberbullying became mainsteam. Thank goodness.

Chugging right along

The #Lifers seem to be settling down. It’s the beginning of another school year for those left in the education system, and it’s the beginning of our careers for those of us stuck in the real world for a while. It’s weird living in a world where there are fewer and fewer firsts to be had.

This city runs deeper than I’d care to admit

This week, I’ve been working at the Missouri Urban Journalism Workshop, which is for high schoolers with an interest in journalism. They get about a day of training, and then they have to start writing articles and making videos, which make up the Urban Pioneer. My job as a “student editor” involved a lot of […]