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The old muse and chain

For any who don’t know, earlier this weekend, I released a CD of poems written and read by me called “Tales from the Lake House.” They are all poems from my college days, and the free downloadable CD is available at http://poet.jamespatrickschmidt.com/lakehouse/. When I was taking poetry workshop classes in college, one of my professors […]

Giving thanks for work

Rogue 3, one of my friends from the Quad-Cities, sent me a text yesterday asking when I’d be home for Thanksgiving, and so I told him that I wouldn’t be because I had to work. And it doesn’t really bother me. I’m the low guy on the ladder and I wasn’t even employed at the […]

Wherein the author moves to Florida

GAINESVILLE — After months of living in various states of homelessness and mooching, I finally have my own apartment again. Yet I still find myself sleeping on the couch. It’s not so bad, since the reason is that I still haven’t found my sheets. Not to mention, I own a pretty comfy couch (though it’s […]

I didn’t even remember to bring my towel

Since my lease ran out on Aug. 1 in Columbia, I’ve been basically homeless. I’ve had a lot of help from Jean, from friends in Columbia and from my parents as far as having somewhere to stay, but none of them have been my home. Nowhere did I have my own space. And that’s a […]

Making a move in the near future, I hope

Whenever someone approaches me on the streets of Columbia with a clipboard or a coffee can, I wish I had a button. “I vote in Illinois and I live paycheck to paycheck.” It’s not that I’m opposed to signing ballot petitions or donating money, it’s just that I can’t because of where I am in […]