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The label-maker job hunt

I used to think of myself as a writer. Then a journalist. And a poet. Then a storyteller. Then a marketer. Then an analyst. I am none of things because I am all of them. Lots of us face this problem. As human beings, we naturally strive to grow. And whenever you expand your skills […]

“The slightest trace of what you once believed”

Two weeks from today will be my last day at work, and then I’m unemployed. I’ll be packing up my life to chase a dream, once again, to a new place. Some things never change. I could have written that paragraph 3 or 4 times before #Life went on hiatus (Like this). I’m still the […]

Freedom and fear as synonyms

Today, I woke up unemployed. With no job waiting for me, I am in the final stages of packing everything I own and moving halfway across the country. Again. This time, instead of moving for a job, I am moving because it’s what I want to do. What I need to do. Even though I […]

If only I were Stretch Armstrong

Last week, I was attending a poetry reading event and one of the pieces by another local poet resonated with my emotions and is still haunting me. He used an image that is all-too-familiar to how I feel, especially in the six months since I’ve moved to Florida. When he introduced the poem, he said […]

The painful practice of counting pages

So much of my my life is about making things fit. As a page designer, I must take pictures and words and display type and get everything in it’s place so that is equal parts pretty and readable. And my job, though it certainly does require a level of creativity, is not strictly creative. Instead, […]

Giving thanks for work

Rogue 3, one of my friends from the Quad-Cities, sent me a text yesterday asking when I’d be home for Thanksgiving, and so I told him that I wouldn’t be because I had to work. And it doesn’t really bother me. I’m the low guy on the ladder and I wasn’t even employed at the […]

The inherent privacy of peeing in a cup

Since I have recently started a new job, I had to go through the ordeal of a drug test. Since my start date was so soon after I received my offer, I got to do my drug test in lovely Gainesville, Fla., after I had started. I had no concerns going in to the test, […]

Wherein the author moves to Florida

GAINESVILLE — After months of living in various states of homelessness and mooching, I finally have my own apartment again. Yet I still find myself sleeping on the couch. It’s not so bad, since the reason is that I still haven’t found my sheets. Not to mention, I own a pretty comfy couch (though it’s […]

#Relocation #win

Walking through Target today, I saw all of the new fall clothes out and I was thinking about buying some of them for the upcoming cold weather. Except I don’t have to worry about any cold weather. On Friday, I accepted a job at the New York Times Editing Center in Gainesville, Fla., and I’ll […]

I didn’t even remember to bring my towel

Since my lease ran out on Aug. 1 in Columbia, I’ve been basically homeless. I’ve had a lot of help from Jean, from friends in Columbia and from my parents as far as having somewhere to stay, but none of them have been my home. Nowhere did I have my own space. And that’s a […]