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Chugging right along

The #Lifers seem to be settling down. It’s the beginning of another school year for those left in the education system, and it’s the beginning of our careers for those of us stuck in the real world for a while. It’s weird living in a world where there are fewer and fewer firsts to be had.

#Relocation #fail

Our site has moved. You may not notice it on the outside of #Life, but I had to do all kinds of Interwebz magic. It was quite a serious relocation to a new server. And while it was a relatively simple process, it took me about fifty times to do it. One time when I […]

A three name does not need help from a long neck

As a user of my full name, I catch a lot of flak. People make fun of me, ridicule me or sometimes even suggest that only crazy people use their complete names. But I find it useful. There are a lot of reasons I use my whole name, but I won’t even try to lie […]

‘Little boxes on the hillside’

Eighty percent of everything I own is packed in my car. The process of moving my life to St. Louis has begun, and I’ll be putting a lot of my belongings into a storage unit in Wood River, Ill., tomorrow. For the last week, I’ve been staring at boxes and trying to figure out what […]

Making a move in the near future, I hope

Whenever someone approaches me on the streets of Columbia with a clipboard or a coffee can, I wish I had a button. “I vote in Illinois and I live paycheck to paycheck.” It’s not that I’m opposed to signing ballot petitions or donating money, it’s just that I can’t because of where I am in […]