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Echoes of an Old Profession

On Monday, I reacted with the rest of the country at the tragedy unfolding in Boston. When it happened, I did what I’ve always done, the same thing journalists all across the country were doing. I looked for the best sources of information coming out of a confusing and rapidly changing situation. I talked to […]

Cloak and Dagger

There are a lot of secrets on the job hunt. Secrets from employers. Secrets from coworkers. Secrets from Facebook friends and Twitter followers. It can be hard to talk to people normally when the first thought on your mind is this secret. On top of that, I’m really bad at job hunting. That lack of […]

I am a ghost

A letter came in the mail a few weeks ago informing me that since the bank was unable to find a record of my having borrowed money ever, I was not eligible for a credit card. They said I was a ghost. I count myself incredibly lucky that I’ve never had to take any serious […]

Verging on burnout while battling complacency

It’s 6:30 p.m. on a Friday night and I’m still working. I work a lot anyway, but tonight’s a special case because one of my city councils is meeting for a goals retreat. The council will draft long-term goals for the city, so as a journalist, I have to be here. The members are in […]

Freelance Validation

The whole time I was in college studying journalism, there was a part of me wondering if I was really doing the right thing. I was working my butt off every day, but still barely scraping by financially. Everywhere I turned, people spoke of a dying industry, and even the fiercely optimistic ones didn’t seem […]

The inherent privacy of peeing in a cup

Since I have recently started a new job, I had to go through the ordeal of a drug test. Since my start date was so soon after I received my offer, I got to do my drug test in lovely Gainesville, Fla., after I had started. I had no concerns going in to the test, […]

#Relocation #win

Walking through Target today, I saw all of the new fall clothes out and I was thinking about buying some of them for the upcoming cold weather. Except I don’t have to worry about any cold weather. On Friday, I accepted a job at the New York Times Editing Center in Gainesville, Fla., and I’ll […]

#Relocation #fail

Our site has moved. You may not notice it on the outside of #Life, but I had to do all kinds of Interwebz magic. It was quite a serious relocation to a new server. And while it was a relatively simple process, it took me about fifty times to do it. One time when I […]

This city runs deeper than I’d care to admit

This week, I’ve been working at the Missouri Urban Journalism Workshop, which is for high schoolers with an interest in journalism. They get about a day of training, and then they have to start writing articles and making videos, which make up the Urban Pioneer. My job as a “student editor” involved a lot of […]

The act of painting will trump whatever paint they give you

In the liner notes for Streetlight Manifesto‘s “99 Songs of the Revolution Vol. 1,” a cover album, front man Tomas Kalnoky writes that he is never satisfied with any of the work he does and he always wants to tweak it as soon as he is finished. The album includes a “cover” of a song […]