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The worst kinds of pranks

I have never been very good at April Fools’ day. The problem with having one day designated for pranks is that we’re all paranoid in expectation of them and when they do happen, they don’t always have the desired effect. Physical pranks especially seem to fall flat. Fake stories can be done very well, but […]

I can’t sleep before an early flight

The airplane safety lecture drones through the warming engines at the gate. Flight attendants look as tired as I wish I felt while they demonstrate proper seat buckling and flotation device finding techniques, the latter of which will serve us well flying over Alabama, Tennessee, and Illinois. I wonder how many of these people will […]

The stories I tell to strangers

As I set out to romp the streets of Gainesville on St. Patrick’s Day, I replaced my usual red pen with a black sharpie. The idea was to put one ring around my arm for every green beer I drank. I stole the idea from my friend Campbell, who used a similar method to keep […]

I went to the woods for my sanity, but I came back for the air conditioning

Two weeks ago, I tried to go camping. I’ve been having an itch for the outdoors lately. I’m used to summer being an awesome time to get outside and get on the water — but it’s not so easy in Florida. It’s too damn hot in the summer to do anything in the direct sunlight […]

LINK: Uttered prayers for our uniformed youth

http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/06/us/sept-11-reckoning/troops.html These are a few stories of soldiers and sailors who have served since 9/11. The stories are honest and touching, and they highlight people who have contributed more than their fair share. Ryan talked about how news organizations are treating this anniversary, and I’ve been living through those complex decisions. I work for The […]

The only thing I regret is the french fries

Last evening was a night on the town. Nine of us went out for dinner and drinks and adventuring about the city into the morning hours, when the final four of us called it quits after eating at Steak ‘n’ Shake. It was a normal night. We had dinner at a place downtown, then moved […]

Smearing peanut butter on my face

This is not a metaphor. Earlier today, inspired by a post on the usually sage Lifehacker.com, I decided to use peanut butter to shave my face. I was a bit suspicious of the technique, but I thought it might be worth trying. After all, peanut butter is one of the most wonderful substances ever created. […]

Absent-minded ranting

My girlfriend came to visit this past weekend, Thursday through Tuesday. It was wonderful to see her and we had a lot of fun, even though most of our planned activities got rained out. It was also the first time she had seen me perform my poetry in front of an audience, which actually made […]

Fending for myself on the gulf coast

The mesh of the net wasn’t tight enough. On Saturday, I went crabbing with some friends near Cedar Key on the gulf coast. We went with the goal of catching 20 blue crabs (5 a piece) of edible size, and two of the other actually had some experience fishing for crabs, but we didn’t know […]

Who cares when school is out?

Every writer for #Life has recently or will soon be moving. Each of us has put all our shit into boxes and duffel bags and those funny string backpacks they give away for free but aren’t actually useful for pretty much anything and we’ve relocated. One of us even bought a house. Who does that? […]