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The Importance of Failing, or, Waking the Flailing Beast

At the beginning of April, I hadnt written a poem in six months. It’s an awful feeling, knowing that I essentially ignored a huge part of who I am, who I want to be. But ignored isn’t the right word. On several occasions, I stared into a legal pad with my favorite pen in hand, […]

The poems we leave behind us

For the last month, I’ve spent more time staring at stacks of my poems than I have sleeping. I was finishing a book and all I could think about. Sometimes I even felt incapable of talking about anything else to my friends and family. Finally, on Saturday, I released the book, Love Poems on Bar […]

I can’t sleep before an early flight

The airplane safety lecture drones through the warming engines at the gate. Flight attendants look as tired as I wish I felt while they demonstrate proper seat buckling and flotation device finding techniques, the latter of which will serve us well flying over Alabama, Tennessee, and Illinois. I wonder how many of these people will […]

Absent-minded ranting

My girlfriend came to visit this past weekend, Thursday through Tuesday. It was wonderful to see her and we had a lot of fun, even though most of our planned activities got rained out. It was also the first time she had seen me perform my poetry in front of an audience, which actually made […]

I promise it’s not as gross as it sounds

Lately, I’ve been cleaning up my apartment and packing in preparation for a move to a new complex (a whopping .8 miles away) that will better suit my needs. Namely, I won’t have to carry my 14 foot kayak up and down from the third floor and then wrestle it into it’s tight fit against […]

I am a ghost

A letter came in the mail a few weeks ago informing me that since the bank was unable to find a record of my having borrowed money ever, I was not eligible for a credit card. They said I was a ghost. I count myself incredibly lucky that I’ve never had to take any serious […]

If only I were Stretch Armstrong

Last week, I was attending a poetry reading event and one of the pieces by another local poet resonated with my emotions and is still haunting me. He used an image that is all-too-familiar to how I feel, especially in the six months since I’ve moved to Florida. When he introduced the poem, he said […]

The framing of art forms

A friend asked me, if I could only pick one, what I considered “my art.” She asked if it was poetry. I said yes, dutifully. I am, after all, a writer of poetry who would like to have either an audience or a paycheck from those literary ramblings some day — and poetry is “art.” […]

The old muse and chain

For any who don’t know, earlier this weekend, I released a CD of poems written and read by me called “Tales from the Lake House.” They are all poems from my college days, and the free downloadable CD is available at http://poet.jamespatrickschmidt.com/lakehouse/. When I was taking poetry workshop classes in college, one of my professors […]

The act of painting will trump whatever paint they give you

In the liner notes for Streetlight Manifesto‘s “99 Songs of the Revolution Vol. 1,” a cover album, front man Tomas Kalnoky writes that he is never satisfied with any of the work he does and he always wants to tweak it as soon as he is finished. The album includes a “cover” of a song […]