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How to Read a Book While Walking

While driving home from the grocery store, Jean and I spotted one of the kids who lives in our complex. He was walking his dog. While riding his bike. While reading a book. Jean laughed, and I admitted that the kid, probably about 12 years old, reminded me of myself. I never attempted something as […]


I’m not much of a memoir fan. I actually went through a phase when that was all I read, but after a while I got burnt out—the genre revealed itself to me as self-serving, onerous and whiny. Why waste my time reading about the woes of someone I will never know? (The irony of saying […]

The painful practice of counting pages

So much of my my life is about making things fit. As a page designer, I must take pictures and words and display type and get everything in it’s place so that is equal parts pretty and readable. And my job, though it certainly does require a level of creativity, is not strictly creative. Instead, […]