The only thing I regret is the french fries

Posted by on August 27, 2011 at 2:32 am.

Last evening was a night on the town. Nine of us went out for dinner and drinks and adventuring about the city into the morning hours, when the final four of us called it quits after eating at Steak ‘n’ Shake.

It was a normal night. We had dinner at a place downtown, then moved on to a bar. We swapped stories, took some shots, and eventually somebody started throwing garnish across the table.

I don’t remember exactly who started it, but karma suggests it was probably me since a thick lime slice collided into my eye, resting like a moisturizing cucumber. My friends expressed concern that I’d get lime juice in my eye, but that didn’t really hurt. What hurt was how hard the slice had collided with my socket, even leaving a bit of a shiner.

Today at work, while I was checking out said shiner by using Photobooth (because the mirror in the bathroom was too far away, obviously), Heather said she didn’t think I had a shiner. She might be right, because I found on further inspection that I have huge bags under my eyes just now from too little sleep. Though I maintain there’s a bruise hiding in there somewhere.

And that’s probably the last work memory I’ll ever have of Heather, our summer intern. She’s put up with us for 12 weeks and how she’s off to her real job. I wish her all the best and am sure she’ll do wonderful things in Pittsburgh.

It’s strange how familiar you can become with someone in 3 months. Maybe it’s not strange considering her desk is right next to mine and we share a love of overdramatic office gossip about the most mundane topics, but it will be strange to see the intern — and friend — leave.

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