“We talked about the songs that make you cry”

Posted by on August 30, 2010 at 11:43 am.

Apology: This is sappy as hell, probably. I’m not entirely sure because I’m writing the apology before I write the post. But you have been warned.

Some time last week, inspired by happening across a song that always make me cry accidentally, I decided to just go ahead and listen to a bunch of songs that always make me cry.

Not because I wanted to cry so much. But the reason those songs make me cry is that I think they connect very well emotionally, and that’s a strong emotion that sticks out in my memory.

Several days later, I was on a long drive and I stumbled across a song that makes me cry that I had forgotten.

It was Good Charlotte’s “The Chronicles of Life and Death.”

After my junior prom, I was run off the road by a drunk driver and went through a huge ditch and into a cornfield. I was fine; my car was not.

While the accident was ongoing, that’s the song that was playing in the car. Combine a near death experience with the last lines of the song, which the disc had skipped to by the time my car came to a rest, and you’ve got a song that will always make you cry.

And sometimes it will blindside you, but I guess that’s #life.


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  • Julia says:

    Music is very good at making me cry. I have a playlist in my iTunes, and a mix CD in my car, both titled “Songs that make me cry.” There is also a counter-playlist/CD, titled “Songs that make me laugh.” Sometimes, you just have to be upfront with yourself about what you need.

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