Who cares when school is out?

Posted by on July 13, 2011 at 12:35 am.

Every writer for #Life has recently or will soon be moving. Each of us has put all our shit into boxes and duffel bags and those funny string backpacks they give away for free but aren’t actually useful for pretty much anything and we’ve relocated.

One of us even bought a house. Who does that? We’re all 20-something, and buying a house is nuts. Well, it would be nuts for me, anyway. That’s way too grown up of a thing to do.

And isn’t it summer, the time of moving? Classes are ended, campus is half-empty, the line at Shakespeare’s Pizza is reasonable at lunch. But…that’s not my life, anymore. Nor anybody else’s. We’ve moved on and aren’t supposed to be struck in that college routine anymore (though I’d give my left arm and both little toes if they’d open a Shakespeare’s here in Gainesville).

But we are still clinging to the habits we’ve learned since we were five. Our leases are based on the school year we’ve supposedly abandoned. We’re still convinced that summer is the right time to burn our vacation days. And maybe it’s the fault of our bosses children, but we still think this is the season of freedom.

I thought it would be different when I got out, but it isn’t. And maybe that’s my fault. But there’s a truth I’ve re-learned this summer that will certainly never change: moving sucks.


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