Winter gets you down

Posted by on February 10, 2011 at 11:23 pm.

I’m sure the rest of the #Lifers will scowl at me for complaining about the Florida winter, but in a lot of ways, it sucks here just as much as it does everywhere else.

Certainly, I don’t have to deal with inches of ice and feet of snow, but winter seems to have an effect on people that drags them down. I’ve never understood it, really, because I love winter weather and I love the cold, but I can feel it around me.

Even in Florida, where the cold only comes in spurts and then it rarely gets below freezing, people bitch about the cold and long for the summer. And from what I hear, summers here are a bit brutal. There’s a mindset that our culture has fallen into and I don’t know where it came from.

You see it in painting and in movies and in poetry. The origin might be untraceable, but our society has a grudge against winter. We see it as the end of outdoor life, when we could see it as the first necessary step to blooming. We use it as a metaphor for death and old age and the end of times. We have collectively decided that winter is death.

But as I see it, being away from winter might be the death of me.

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